Fill - Fulfill - Refill

So many things happened between that time then and now. Last few years were definitely one of those crossroad years that I needed to go through and learn. As a result, the coming new year peeked through like the start of Spring after a long and tumultuous Winter.

Rise from the Ashes: Offence

Here's an old mini-comic I did few years back. Been thinking of posting it here but never made it happen until I read somewhere that someone else is going through the same shit I have. We're not alone and we're NOT going to keep quiet either. In solidarity with survivors out there <3

A Visit From An Old Friend (Again)

Someone from an online forum put it in words very well. I'm not going to write so much about it because I'm still figuring *it* out myself. I hope the link works so you could see the gist of it, at least (^_^)

Link <3

However, there is this movie that I always watch whenever I feel this way, either to relax, to find clues or inspirations and sometimes, even to cry. And no, it's not even a sad is just because it speaks out so much for me. It's called Majo no Takkyuubin or Kiki's Delivery Service in the English version. Here's one of the reasons why I love it so much:

(Kiki is a young girl who is a practicing witch and she just lost her capabilities to fly on her broom. She's having a break (also from something similar to an artist/writer/creative block) from working at her friend's bakery shop as well as her delivery service to hang out with her artist friend, Ursula).

Ursula   : "Painting and magical powers seem very much the same. Sometimes I'm unable to paint a thing."
Kiki      : "You mean it? Then what? What happens?"...."Without even thinking about it, I used to be able to fly. Now I'm trying to look inside myself to find out how I did it. But I just can't figure it out."
Ursula   : "You know, could be you're working at it too hard. Maybe you should just take a break."
Kiki:     : "Yeah, but still, if I can't fly..."
Ursula   : "Then stop trying. Take long walks. Look at the scenery. Doze off at noon. Don't even think about flying. And then, pretty soon, you'll be flying again."
Kiki      : "You think my problems will..."
Ursula   : "Go away? That's right. It's gonna be fine. I promise."...."When I was your age, I'd already decided to become an artist. I loved to paint so much, I'd paint all day until I fell asleep right at my easel. And then one day, for some reason, I just couldn't paint anymore. I tried and tried, but nothing I did seemed any good. They were copies of paintings I'd seen somewhere before and not very good copies either. I just felt like I'd lost my ability."
Kiki      : "That sounds like me."
Ursula   : "It's exactly the same, but then I found the answer. You see, I hadn't figured out what or why I wanted to paint. I had to discover my own style."...."When you fly, you rely on what's inside of you, don't you?"
Kiki      : "Uh-huh. We fly with our spirit."
Ursula   : "Trusting your spirit! Yes, yes! That's exactly what I'm talking about. That same spirit is what makes me paint and makes your friend bake. But we each need to find our own inspiration, Kiki. Sometimes it's not easy."
Kiki      : "I guess I never gave much thought to why I wanted to do this. I got so caught up in all the training and stuff. Maybe I have to find my own inspiration. But am I ever gonna find it? And is it worth all the trouble?"
Ursula   : "Well, for example, there were quite a few times when I thought of painting something over that painting..."
Kiki      : "But it ended up being so great!"
Ursula   : "So I guess it's worth it."
Kiki      : "So you really think I'll fly again?"
Ursula   : "Sure. You'll just have to wait for the right inspiration to come along..."


We All Know...

...that TED Talks are awesome! Here are reminders for yours truly because I find them touching that I cried. Nowadays, my naive thought thinks that if I cry to something, it sure means something to me even though I cry a lot when watching cheesy films.

Here are something that I have watched recently and would watch them again whenever I feel down.

And also:

If I Should Have A Daughter by Sarah Kay

I'm sure I'll be uploading more talks from TED which I find inspirational for myself to always remember in this memory blog (^_^)v

No Art-Fart

This isn't going to ever be in my resume :P Just added here for the good memories. Don't say I didn't warn you about my annoying voice.

Mental Bubble Bath

One day, I had one free morning to do anything I wanted in Kuala Lumpur before heading over to a friend's house in Bangsar in the afternoon. I walked by thinking, "What shall I do after a nice breakfast?". Then I thought, why not try to go to the Kuala Lumpur Library and see what they have. I have just registered as a member last October after some travelling friends plans to go there. Yes, it always takes someone outside to appreciate the local little gems. Well, come to think about it, I never been to Sunway Lagoon before, or up to the Petronas Twin Tower but maybe that is a different case compared to visiting a local library, but hey - all in good time perhaps.

So I went to the library and asked the librarian kindly for it's informational pamphlet and to my pleasant surprise, found out that they have a Children's Library! One separate building just for that! The little kid in me was overjoyed and skipped happily towards the building and made a shy entrance once realising that she is the only kid-in-an-adult's-body going there alone. There were a couple few adults and their little friends on the other little reading tables but that doesn't deter me from looking for hidden treasures in there by myself. And lo and behold, upon arriving on my first shelf, I already took 3 books in my arms and there's obviously more shelves to go through!

I gotta say, it is a good sign when you found out that there are children's books about Tolstoy, Kant and Hume translated in Malay! There are also lots of books that have wonderful illustrations to get inspired by. That beats going to art exhibition sometimes, hehe. Can't wait to have some of the good books I found there to get for Pustaka Semesta. It will be awesome to have a small children's book corner there someday (^_^)

Here is what I borrowed from the children's library (Members are allowed to borrow 3 books and a CD. Membership registration is only RM16 and yearly renewal is RM10).

This one wasn't from the children's library, but from their adult's section. I saw this in the trolley after using the Internet. Can't help myself but pick it up :P

So why wait any longer? Go ahead and check your local library and the Kuala Lumpur Library. The Kuala Lumpur Library is just next to Dataran Merdeka, near the tall Malaysian flag.

I don't think I'm joining the 27 Club

Hello kawan-kawan! I've finally pulled myself over here and going to make a little update. Few days ago (3rd October) was my birthday as well as several other friends, as I've found out! Happy birthday Wolf, Man and Ci Chaan!

Anyway, weeks back, I've participated in 'Deadlines' exhibition in Annexe gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur as a group called Ragazza88. The curator, Jerome was being as kind and helpful as ever, not forgetting Pang who helped a lot as well. Thank you so much for the rest of Ragazza88 crew, Marr and Nunu, because without you, all these wouldn't happen in the first place (^_^)

Here are some photos from the event (thanks Kok Leong, Karen and Shieko!). Thank you also for the lovely gifts and support, everyone! <3 Love all of you so much!
Ragazza88 installation piece! <3
Nunu's hand-crafted cross stitches! <3
Marr's expressive paintings on the wall! <3
                                                               And my artworks (^_^)

I don't have any picture of a full view for all of our artworks but I suppose this gives some idea?
And one of many ways to interact with the installation piece (^ ^;)>
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